Free Flu Shots end soon – have you had yours?

Monday, 4th July 2022 


  • 2022 is a bad flu season as Victorians return to normal activities.
  • To help you stay well this winter, the Victorian Government is providing free flu vaccinations for everyone aged 6 months and over until 10 July.
  • You can book your free flu vaccination from 1 June to 10 July with your GP or pharmacist. Reimbursement is not available to people who have previously had their flu vaccination.
  • Ask your GP or pharmacist if they are involved in the free flu vaccination program before making your appointment.
  • If you do not have a Medicare card, you can attend your nearest participating pharmacy to receive your free flu vaccination.

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As Victorians return to normal activities after two years of closed international borders and staying at home, 2022 is expected to be a bad flu season.

It is more important than ever to get your flu shot, be up to date with your COVID vaccination, know where to get help, wear a mask and do the other things we know can keep us well.

Doing this will help keep you and your friends, family, and community well, and protect a health system which is under pressure.

What you need to know

  • To stay well this winter, get your influenza (also commonly referred to as the flu) shot as soon as possible and keep your COVID vaccinations up to date.
  • You can get your flu shot and COVID vaccination at the same time.
  • The flu vaccine is free for people who are more at-risk from suffering complications from the flu.
  • Stay at home if you’re unwell – don’t go to work or school.
  • Most people can safely recover from the flu and COVID at home.
  • Keeping your distance from others, hand hygiene, good ventilation and mask wearing are still the best ways to avoid getting sick.
  • See your doctor before you are sick so they can help you make a treatment plan. This will help you get the right care, if and when you need it.
  • Your doctor is the best person to help you if you are unwell.

Protect yourself from the flu and COVID

The flu and COVID circulate all year round but winter is particularly bad for the spread of illness.

You can help yourself stay well by:

  • keeping 1.5 metre distance between yourself and other people
  • washing or sanitising your hands often
  • coughing or sneezing into your elbow
  • wearing a mask
  • ensuring there is good ventilation.

Masks offer good protection against COVID and can also help protect you from other respiratory illnesses like the flu.

If you can, see your doctor to talk about the best care for you if you get COVID or the flu this winter. This will help you get the right care, if and when you need it. Some people are eligible for prescription medicines that can reduce health complications and the need for hospitalisation with COVID or the flu, if taken soon after symptoms appear. Find out more from your doctor.

One of the best ways to stay well this winter is to have your flu shot and stay up to date with your COVID vaccinations.

You can get your flu shot or COVID vaccination from your pharmacist or doctor (GP). Pharmacists can administer the flu and COVID vaccine to anyone aged 5 years and over.

Flu vaccinations

Vaccination against the flu is recommended for everyone aged 6 months and over.

Getting your flu shot is easy and in Victoria is free for:

  • children aged 6 months to less than 5 years
  • people aged 65 years old and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from 6 months and over
  • pregnant women – at any stage of pregnancy
  • people aged 6 months and older with medical conditions putting them at increased risk of severe flu and its complications.

Find out more information about flu shots online or speak with your doctor.

COVID vaccinations

Keeping up to date with your COVID vaccinations is important to stay well this winter.

Everyone in Australia aged 5 years and over is eligible for free COVID vaccinations.

For more information, visit Book your vaccine appointment.

You can also call 1800 675 398, 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm. For an interpreter, press zero (0).

More information on staying well

Time between vaccinations
Testing for COVID and the flu
Managing symptoms at home
Where to get help
GP Respiratory Clinics

Time between vaccinations

You can get your flu shot at the same time you get your COVID vaccination.

If you have had COVID but are no longer sick you can get your flu shot right away.

You should wait three months after having COVID to get your next COVID vaccination.

If you are sick with the flu, wait until you feel better to have the flu or COVID vaccination.

In your language

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“Help your family stay safe this winter by getting vaccinated for both the flu and COVID-19, getting tested if you have any symptoms and staying home while unwell.” 

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