Let’s applaud all our health care and hospital workers! Message from YDMH Board

As the media repeatedly reminds us, we are living in ‘unprecedented times’! Covid-19 is having an enormous impact on our community in Yea. Many shops are closed. Essential services are continuing to serve the community, but under strict regimes. Nearly all of us are having to adjust to the consequences of social distancing and learning to stay at home as much as possible.

There is in particular one group in our local community for whom work is both very much the same and at the same time very different. These are the workers in our healthcare organisations – at Yea and District Memorial Hospital, the Yea Health Service and elsewhere. These workers include both front line staff and all those involved in running our health facilities including cleaners, kitchen staff and administrative staff.

Their work is the same because our Hospital is caring for patients and residents as usual. The Health Service is continuing to provide consultations and treatment for local residents. Paramedics are on call as usual. These are truly essential services that must continue.

Their work is also different because of the impact of Covid-19. Our doctors, nurses, allied health practitioners, paramedic, health administrators and all other hospital and health service staff are continuing to carry out roles under heightened infection control guidelines and requirements. Government agencies are regularly updating pandemic control guidelines. At times there have been conflicting Commonwealth and State agency requirements which staff have had to try to merge into a workable policy for residents, patients and their carers within our Hospital and Health Services.

They are also regularly updating the Hospital’s website and Facebook page to keep social media advice on Covid-19 accessible and relevant for the Yea community.

At the same time, we all know that health care workers and their families are some of the most vulnerable in our community to becoming infected with the Covid-19 virus. Infection control measures have to be rigorous and universally and continually observed.

At the time of writing, Yea has avoided recording any cases of Covid-19 in its community. Our Hospital and health service workers are in the front line in endeavoring to ensure that cases of infection are minimized and that any persons diagnosed with Covid-19 receive prompt and appropriate care.

Most Yea residents will know people who are part of our precious hospital and health care sector. This would be a great time for each of us, while observing ‘social distancing’ protocols, to reach out and acknowledge the selfless work our entire health care workforce is carrying out in order to look after the health and well -being of our Yea community.

Ian Marshman,
On behalf of Yea and District Memorial Hospital Board

Download the message here.

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