Fit Testing of Staff – why, how and what! 

Fit Testing of YDMH Staff – why, how and what! 

Yea District Memorial Hospital in partnership with Mansfield District Hospital held a session on-site last Thursday 27th May ‘fit testing’ YDMH clinical staff. Nine staff completed the testing during the day.

Fit testing is a validated method that determines whether the type of respirator (N95/P2) being used provides an adequate seal on the face, thereby providing the level of protection required against respiratory hazards that prevail within clinical settings – and is particularly important in the current Pandemic.

The testing is done while the person is wearing the respirator and attached to the testing unit, while carrying out a number of physical movements, actions and breathing exercises. The results indicate the effectiveness of the seal against the face.
Photo – Jodie – Mansfield staff ‘fit tester
              Sam – YDMH staff member


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