Test Tracker

Important – COVID-19 testing at Yea Hospital is by appointment only.  To make an appointment, please call 0428 618 994

All individuals requesting a COVID-19 test at Yea Hospital need to complete the online testing registration form provided by the Department of Health.  This form is called Test Tracker.


What is ‘Test Tracker’?

Test Tracker is a digital testing product developed to improve manual processes and data integrity in the COVID-19 response. It uses a combination of QR codes and digital forms to link a test participant to a unique D-number that is used throughout the testing process, from test site to pathology lab to result communication.  

COVID 19 Test Tracker


Alternate Testing Sites In the Local Area

Please note that COVID-19 testing is also being conducted at the following locations: 

  • Alexandra: Drive Thru COVID testing 7 days per week. More information: https://adh.org.au/covid-19-information/
  • Seymour: The COVID-19 Testing Clinic operates 7-days per week 9am – 4pm. More information: http://www.seymourhealth.org.au/


Anyone with symptoms should to get tested.