Acknowledgement of our staff from the YDMH Board of Directors

YDMH is celebrated the Aged Care Employee Day on the 7th August by acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our staff and all they do for the residents of the Rosebank Nursing Home & Hostel.

The theme this year is ‘thanks for caring’ and we feel it is especially relevant as we continue to navigate through these challenging times and ensure some of our most vulnerable in the community are protected and cared for.Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for all our staff do.

Earlier in the week, the Board of Directors of Yea & District Memorial Hospital sent a letter to all staff thanking them for their continued contributions during such trying conditions. The letter read as follows:

Dear Hospital Colleagues,

On behalf of all Board Directors, I write to thank you for all the extra effort and care you are taking to look after our patients, residents and wider community during this extraordinary time.

We all hear, read and see in the media on a daily basis the pressures being faced by front-line staff in Victoria’s hospitals and health services. We know that our own staff are confronting the same issues. In one sense the challenges you are facing are more immediate given that we are a small community and personally know most of our residents and their carers. Applying standard government guidelines within a health service where we recognize the nature of the impact on persons well acquainted to us requires extra skills and sensitivity.
All Board Directors appreciate that many of you are having to juggle these workplace demands with the additional pressures that COVID-19 is imposing on us all – requirements to exercise, social distancing that remove us from close family and friends, the imposition of homeschooling, additional financial concerns associated with greater job uncertainty and increased strain on mental health and well-being.

Although trite, it is true that what we are living through is ‘unprecedented’ for us all. There is no road map or precedent we can refer to. Nevertheless, we all know that we will get through this period, that we have a well thought through and documented plan in place to deal with the pandemic and that by following it we can continue to keep the Yea community and ourselves safe and well. We have excellent leadership and a wonderful team across the whole Hospital. This includes our catering, cleaning, maintenance and administration staff as well as our nurses, allied health staff and other carers.
So, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for all you are continuing to do to look after our special Yea community. I want also to ask you to look after your own well-being during this time. And please let your manager know if there is anything you believe the Hospital might reasonably do to provide further assistance.

We are all in this together. And together we will get through the pandemic.

With best wishes,
Ian Marshman AM
Yea and District Memorial Hospital Board

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