COVID Vaccination Clinic in Yea – NEW DATE Monday 16th August


We encourage all our residents to make a booking for the Astra Zeneca Vaccine.
YDMH (in conjunction with Mansfield Hospital staff) will be holding further COVID 19 Vaccination clinics in Yea:

DATE: Monday 16th August

Currently, the vaccine on offer is Astra Zeneca – so if you are still requiring your vaccination – please contact Jacky Baynes on 5736 0410 to make an appointment on any of the above date (Mon – Fri during Business Hours). Have your medicare care on hand.
You need two separate doses (injections) of the vaccine to give you the best protection against vaccination COVID-19.
The two doses need to be given a few weeks apart. It is recommended that there is a 12-week wait between the AstraZeneca vaccine doses therefore the second appointment will be made at the same time as you book for the first.

The vaccines are free for everyone in Australia, including people who don’t have Medicare access.
Getting the COVID-19 vaccine:
* reduces your risk of getting sick with COVID-19
* protects you against becoming very sick if you do get COVID-19
* helps to protect your friends, family and community
If most people are vaccinated, the virus can’t spread as easily which helps to protect those who can’t get vaccinated.



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