Hostel Visiting Resumes

 From 5pm Monday 1st August, we were delighted to welcome back visitors to Rosebank Hostel.

However, given the significant cases of influenza and COVID across the community, we ask that you consider restricting your visits and keeping these to a minimum.
Please do not attend our facilities should you have any signs of illness or infection.

Additional visitor restrictions remain in place. These include:
* Wearing an N95 mask (provided)
* COVID testing (provided)
* Visitors must stay in the resident's room and limit movement within the facility
* We strongly encourage visitors to be vaccinated against the flu

Due to the increased workload that this period has had on the staff that have been able to remain at work, we ask that you be mindful and considerate of the stress they have been under whilst ensuring our residents and patients remain well cared for. 💐

We again thank all of our community for your ongoing support and consideration during this challenging time for all involved. ❤️

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