20 July 1878


Credit: https://trove.nla.gov.au/

A serious accident happened last week to a carrier, Mr Gill, of Doogalook. In returning home, after delivering some goods in the township, near Mr Hume’s, his horses shied, causing them to bolt. When jumping from the waggon, with the hope of stopping them, the reins caught his feet, tripping and pre-****sting him beneath the animals feet. Not only was he trampled on by the horses, but both the fore and hind wheels of the wagon passed over his head taking the skin off his temple and leaving an ugly bruise on the upper part of the skull, which, wonderful to say, was not broken. As soon as the accident became known the unfortunate man was brought into the township, where medical assistance was obtained and his injuries attended to. Dr Fergusson has also been in attendance, and it is to be hoped I shall be able to chronicle a speedy recovery; at present, however Mr Gill lies in rather a precarious condition.

Mr M’Kay, the Rechabito lecturer, addressed about fifty persons in the Shire Hall on Tuesday evening, on the subject of total abstinence. At the close of the lecture a few juveniles, who expressed a wish to embark in the cold water craft, were duly initiated.

On Saturday evening several ladies and gentlemen from Alexandra gave a concert in aid of your local hospital, and I am sorry to say there was but a poor attendance upon the occasion. The programmne, which was the same as was given a night or two before at Alexandra, and of which a long account appeared in your last *****, was gone through in a most satisfactory manner by all concerned and it would be idle for me to go over the same ground again in the way of a lengthy report, but must say a few words in praise of the ladies, who must have been at great personal inconvenience, and no doubt some expense, in under taking the journey to and fro, and their efforts certainly deserved better recognition at the hands of the Yea/town, but the fact is, there has been a report circulated here that the dire disease of diphtheria was raging up your way, and doubtless that had a good deal to do In the way of keeping people at home, as generally upon such occasions there is a good attendance, and I doubt not but that should the same company pay us a visit on some future occasion they will find their efforts crowned with the success they so well deserve. The proceedings of one noisy individual must not be taken as usual occurrence here, for no one present, I can assure you, but was disgusted at his conduct and it would have served him quite right had he been taken to the lock up, which would have certainly been the case had he not deviated from his unmanly behaviour when desired to do so.