Urgent Care Services

Yea & District Memorial Hospital is recognised by the community as having an Emergency Department (ED) but in fact we are classified as an Urgent Care Centre (UCC) offering a 24 hour service within the Hume region.
These include numerous critically ill patients with medical conditions, heart attacks, minor trauma and minor injuries. The majority of our patients that present to Yea and district memorial hospital Urgent Care Center are treated locally here in Yea, keeping families together during times of illness and injury. Complex patients that require specialist care are able to be transferred out in a timely manner that they require through our partnerships with Victorian ambulance and non-emergency transport. With the addition of our Helipad, transfers have been more efficient and timely.
As part of our pledge to provide the best possible healthcare to our patients and people within our community, we are fortunate to have Telehealth facilities available within our Urgent Care Centre. This advanced technology enables our nursing staff to consult, via computer screen link, to other local facilities and hospitals, allowing specialist consultations to occur directly. These services include VVED (The Northern Hospital) which is a free service to access.

Please note:

As the hospital does not employ Medical Staff, all patients seen in the urgent care department by the on-call doctor are seen as private patients.

The patient will therefore receive an account from the treating  doctor.

Payment of the account is the responsibility of the patient. Some of this cost, can be claimed back on Medicare. 

The majority of presentations to Urgent Care are covered by Medicare, however, please be aware of the following possible fees:
  • Medicare ineligible patients may possibly incur a fee for their presentation.
  • Other fees may include the purchase of equipment aids e.g. crutches.

If your assessed condition requires more specialist investigation or care than cannot be provided at Yea & District Memorial Hospital transfer to a tertiary Hospital/Centre may be required.

This will be facilitated by Ambulance Victoria. The patient is responsible for the cost of ambulance transport.

To become an Ambulance Victoria member, go to:  link – https://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/
(Healthcare card holders/pensioners are covered for Ambulance Victoria transport).


Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), a public health service to treat non-life-threatening emergencies.

Nurse On Call puts you directly in touch with a registered nurse for caring, professional health advice around the clock.