Urgent Care Services


Available each weekday.
The Yea & District Memorial Hospital Urgent Care Centre (UCC) is staffed from our Acute inpatient unit 24 hours, 365 days a year by registered nurses. The Centre has 4 treatment/assessment bays.
The Urgent Care Centre has a separate entrance to the main hospital on Station Street.
Yea & District Memorial Hospital does not employ Residential Medical Officers. During weekdays business hours , the UCC is operated with the support of Yea Medical Centre General Practitioner workforce. 
On evenings weekends and public holidays, patients are seen by a registered nurse and supported by a telehealth model provided from My Emergency Doctor service.

In this model the patient is ‘seen virtually’ by an emergency medicine physician, assisted by the registered nurse from YDMH.
Patients presenting to the Urgent Care Centre will be assessed and treated in the order of their clinical urgency. Patients are allocated a triage score between 1 (being most urgent i.e., those requiring resuscitation) and 5 (non-urgent) in accordance with the Australian Triage Scale that is used nationwide.
The majority of presentations to Urgent Care are covered by Medicare, however, please be aware of the following possible fees:
  • Medicare ineligible patients may possibly incur a fee for their presentation.
  • Other fees may include the purchase of equipment aids e.g. crutches.
  • If your assessed condition requires more specialist investigation or care than cannot be provided at Yea & District Memorial Hospital transfer to a tertiary Hospital/Centre may be required. This will be facilitated by Ambulance Victoria. The patient is responsible for the cost of ambulance transport.
To become an Ambulance Victoria member, go to:  link – https://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/
(Healthcare card holders/pensioners are covered for Ambulance Victoria transport)
Please note that The Urgent Care Centre is for patients requiring emergency care for serious and life-threatening conditions only.

If your condition is not serious, your local GP clinic may be able to help you . 



1300 60 24
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