About Us

Our Commitment to Quality

Our Vision

An exceptional rural health service serving and engaging our local community

Our Mission

Yea and District Memorial Hospital commits to providing exceptional service that is adaptable and innovative, whilst adhering to the VPSC standards and code of conduct, relevant Industrial Agreements, Fair work and YMDH Strategic plan. We value our employee contribution to ensure that YDMH provides delivery of safe, high-quality, person-centered care.

Our Values


We aim to deliver the right care at the right time, proactively addressing care needs. This is supported by providing frank, impartial and timely advice to our consumers, attending to individual needs. We aim to identify and promote best practice to provide exceptional service and care delivery every time.


We aim to provide accurate, open and honest information to our consumers, building trust and confidence in our services. We will respect individual privacy and confidentiality to promote dignified care delivery. We will avoid conflicts of interest and be transparent in our dealings with anyone who enters our facility.


We aim to make decisions and provide advice based on merit, without bias, favouritism or self-interest, acting in the best interests of our consumers. We will protect YMDH intellectual property, reputation and systems at all times, adhering to applicable standards.


We intend to act in the best interests of YDMH, accepting responsibility for our actions and decisions and seeking to achieve best use of YDMH resources. We commit to adhering to relevant policy and procedure to maintain high quality service delivery that is safe and effective. We will record and report all information accurately and honestly considering all relevant facts.


We will actively listen, show empathy and seek to understand individual needs. We will treat all others fairly and objectively with respect for individual choice, ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment, bullying and negative behaviours. We will be inclusive and consider all facts to improve service delivery..


We will champion VPSC and YDMH values and mission to deliver exceptional care, that is patient-centred and considered. We will lead by example, contributing to YDMH in a positive and professional manner that values others and seeks to work collaboratively to provide exceptional care.

Commitment to Human Rights

We commit to make decisions and provide advice that considers human rights and our responsibilities to be fair and objective. We value diversity, are inclusive and treat all others respectfully to actively promote and support individual human rights.

Our Objectives

  • To provide to persons, entitled under the Act, medical care, nursing assistance, and / or other support.
  • To aid persons affected by disease or injured as a result of accident.
  • To provide facilities for the treatment of both public and private patients as required.
  • To provide specific services that meet the needs of the frail, aged and disabled persons in our community.

Organisation Chart