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Yea & District Memorial Hospital charge fee / co-payment for its Community Health services.

Our fees are charged in accordance with the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services guidelines and will be discussed at the point of contact. Please see information below regarding the schedule of fees 

YDMH is not a Registered NDIS provider and our Community Health staff are not Medicare service providers



Whilst waiting for your appointment, please take a seat in the newly refurbished waiting room in the Grace Bennetts Centre, Miller Street corridor.

Diabetes Education

 Appointments:  Tuesdays only – Grace Bennetts Centre 

Our Diabetes Educator is a registered nurse who has additional training in caring for and supporting teaching people with Type 1, 2 or gestational diabetes. Preventing side effects & complications is best achieved with a long term self-management partnership plan which can be developed during the consultation. Tele medicine support also available with specialists.

A Diabetes Educator should be seen when you are first diagnosed, or at any time when additional support might benefit. This may include at different life stages, changes in medication or worsening blood glucose control.

No referral is required


Appointments: Mon-Fri – Grace Bennetts Centre
The Dietitian can work closely with you to develop dietary strategies designed to help deal with, prevent or treat a wide range of health and medical conditions for both adults and children. Healthy eating modification can also be provided.
The Dietitian is also available to do community group presentations on healthy eating. 

No referral is required 

Psychology Services

Appointments: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings Grace Bennetts Centre via 57360489 
Psychological services for people of all ages to address issues including anxiety, depression, stress, personal and family relationship difficulties, life transitions including grief, health changes, parenting support, pain management, disordered eating, goal setting and personal growth. 

No referral is required. Please note there is approximately a one month waiting list for this service.

Speech Pathology

Appointments are available for the services which are delivered off site at Yea & District Children’s Centre (Alt Wednesdays term time) & Kinglake Children’s Centre (Thursdays term time).

Our Speech Pathology service is designed for young children, from birth to school entry age, who are experiencing difficulty with their speech and language development.  A Speech Pathologist can help your child to develop speech, language and communication skills.  
The clinicians will work in partnership with you and your child to provide the best opportunity for your child to develop their speech and/or language skills.  After the assessment of your child, we will work with you to create a care plan to help your child achieve the plans’ agreed goals as well as liaising with all involved in your child’s support network to ensure consistency of approach.

Cardiac Support

Appointments: Mondays

Our Cardiac Support Program provides ongoing support and guidance in managing your condition and improving your heart health by managing modifiable lifestyle risk factors. 

We offer one-on-one consultations either on-site of in your home, as well as telephone check-ins and ongoing monitoring.

District Nursing Services

Please see the Yea District Nursing Page HERE




The structure of these fees is as follows:

Community Health schedule of fees (current June 2022)



Activity / population type




 Fee payable
Low income Victorians Medium income Victorians High income Victorians
Financially dependent children Parents of financially dependent children may be charged if they are not low income. Nil $15.60 Full cost recovery
Health promotion and group activities Agencies may charge a fee for group activities. $7.90 $7.90 Full cost recovery
Community health nursing Chargeable services $10.30 $15.60 Full cost recovery
Counselling/casework consultations No charge for low and medium income clients Nil Nil Full cost recovery

Allied health consultations provided by Yea Community Health

·       Dietetics

·       Diabetes Education

·       Paediatric Speech Pathology

Chargeable services $10.30 $15.60 Full cost recovery
Interpreting   Nil Nil Nil
Initial needs identification   Nil Nil Nil
Other services and items (such as report writing, court attendance, information material, secondary consultations)

Where appropriate, such service fees may be charged even when associated with a service that does not attract a fee (e.g. counselling provided to a low income person).

Fees should be levied in a manner consistent with the exemptions and capping provisions included in this policy.

Agency may set fees Agency may set fees Agency may set fees

Income ranges 2019

   The Community Health income ranges are based on the Centrelink Income Test for pensioners.


Low income

 Medium income

High income


< $39,089

> $39,089

 < $86,208

> $86,208


< $59,802

> $59,802

 < $115,245

> $115,245

Family (one child)

< $66,009

> $66,009

 < $118,546

> $118,546


 (plus $6,206 per additional child)

Waiting Lists

A waiting list may occur and priority is given to those with the highest assessed need.

Private Allied Health Services

Yea & District Memorial Hospital has some private providers utilising various spaces in our buildings, to help provide a range of healthcare services to our community. These services do not come under our Community Health Fee structure. 

Fees and charges are in accordance with each individual service. 

Please enquire about fees when making an appointment. 

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Podiatry 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Psychology