Aged Care Star Ratings

Have you seen our new star ratings?
Rosebank Nursing Home
Overall Star Rating – 4/5
Rosebank Hostel
Overall Star Rating – 5/5
What do the Star Ratings mean?
When you use the Find a provider tool ( to check an aged care home’s Star Rating, you’ll see an overall Star Rating between 1 and 5 stars.
More stars means an aged care home is delivering higher quality care across the four key areas of performance.
Star Ratings in aged care homes
The Australian Government assesses the quality of care at all government-funded aged care homes. Based on these assessments, each home receives a Star Rating as a simple way of showing information about the quality of care they provide and how they compare to others.
Star Ratings were introduced in December 2022. Aged care homes receive a rating between 1 and 5 stars to indicate the quality of care across 4 key areas of performance. Outcomes in these 4 subcategories inform an overall Star Rating.
What does high quality aged care look like?
There are many factors that go into delivering high quality care. These include meeting regulatory and health care requirements and providing enough staff. High quality care is about listening to people, understanding them as individuals and delivering care in line with their needs and preferences. It’s about hearing and responding to feedback from the people receiving care, to ensure the best possible quality of life.