Diabetes Education

Appointments: Tuesdays

Our Diabetes Educator is a registered nurse who has additional training in caring for and teaching people with Type 1, 2 or gestational diabetes. Preventing side effects & complications is best achieved with a long term self-management partnership.

A Diabetes Educator should be seen when you are first diagnosed, or at any time when additional support might benefit.

This may include at different life stages, changes in medication or worsening blood glucose control.

  • What diabetes is & how it affects your body
  • How to cope with your diagnosis and to manage lifestyle changes
  • How to monitor blood glucose levels (if required)
  • Set blood glucose target levels based on your health and health conditions
  • Provide a blood glucose meter (if required)
  • Education regarding medication use and/or insulin if required
  • How to treat low and high blood glucose levels
  • Managing diabetes during periods of sickness
  • Simplifying your diabetes management plan for various lifestyles
  • Education on travelling with diabetes

Appointment Process

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