Feedback Requested

The Department of Health and Aged Care has released an exposure draft of the new Aged Care Act (new Act) for feedback.

The aim of this survey is to get your feedback on various parts of this exposure draft.

This consultation is open to all Australians who want to contribute, including:

  • older people, their families and carers
  • aged care providers and workers
  • researchers and sector experts
  • any interested in aged care

It is anonymous and will take you about 10–15 minutes to complete.
They want to know whether you think the new Act will:

  • operate as we hope it does
  • create the change you want to see in aged care

If you can, please take the time to read some information about the exposure draft before you fill in the survey. This will mean you have a better understanding of the draft new Act before you answer the questions.

This survey will close at 7:00 pm AEDT on Friday 16 February 2024.

And can be accessed by the following link

To find out more about the consultation and the other ways you can get involved, visit the the above website and read more about the new Aged Care Act.

Your feedback on the ideas and terms of the consultation paper is critical to improving Australia’s aged care system.