Did you know that a dietitian can help you improve your iron levels if you are at risk of iron deficiency or if you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency?
We can do this by providing individualised dietary support with the following:
  • Helping trouble shoot potential causes for your low iron levels, particularly from your diet
  • Educate you around the different sources of iron in the diet, including which options are best absorbed by the body
  • Provide advice around the amount of iron your body needs based on your age and gender
  • Discuss ways to optimise how well your body absorbs the iron you consume
  • Provide practical advice to support your iron intake around topics such as meal planning and preparation, label reading etc.
By increasing your dietary intake of iron this may help to improve the way you feel through: reduced fatigue, increased energy levels, better focus and concentration – just to name a few. It may also prevent or reduce need to rely on iron supplementation in some circumstances.
If you think you are at risk of iron deficiency or have recently been diagnosed as iron deficient, we would encourage you to come see our dietitian to discuss further.
To make a booking please contact Yea Community Health on 5736 0448.