Aged Care Employee Day Celebrated


“Thank you for caring”

There are over 360,000 aged care employees in Australia, who contribute to caring for more than 1.3 million older and Sunday, August 7 2022 is the day to celebrate dedicated aged care workers.

Louise Sharkey Interim CEO/Executive Director Clinical Operations at YDMH stated :

‘This includes our nurses and personal care workers, allied health professionals, food service staff, cleaners, volunteers, lifestyle and activities officers, administration and maintenance staff, and many others internally who work tirelessly to ensure our residents care needs are met and the quality and development of our aged care services are maintained and developed. It doesn’t matter if they work directly or indirectly – everyone together has a crucial role in the collective goal of safe and high quality compassionate care is achieved’

Aged Care Employee Day has become an important date in our internal events calendar and reminds us of the caring and professional work of all of our aged care staff who truly make the lives of our older residents and patients better she added .

The health sector has continued to face the most challenging of conditions during this pandemic with the many outbreaks encountered, wearing of PPE full time in the workplace, changes to practices and normal routines, but everyone has been and continue to be fantastically resilient in adapting swiftly to whatever we have needed to do to contain and manage each situation as it occurs and we are truly inspired, grateful and thankful to have each and every one of the staff here at YDMH.

YDMH was delighted to be able to host a morning tea for staff on Friday 5th August to commemorate the day to say a big thanks for caring and that our staff do for our residents and gave staff a certificate of appreciation.

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